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Texit Is A Grassroots Effort  To Help Texans Exit The Liberal Left And Embrace Conservatism And Conservative Values. TEXIT Focuses In Building An Outreach Across Texas To Share Our Story And Help Keep Texas Red . We Welcome All Texas Conservatives To Stand With Us As We #TEXIT.

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Our Grassroots Efforts Are State Wide from The Capitol (Austin) to Odessa/Midland, Amarillo, El Paso, San Antonio, Dallas/Ft.Worth, Houston, Jim Wells, Mcallen (RGV) Areas.


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Together We are The Anchor That Keeps America Strong. Texas Strong!

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Meet Our TEXIT Members

Luis Burrola

Luis Burrola

Founder Of TEXIT

Luis Burrola is a dedicated father to his daughter has served his community as a public servant for the ECSO in Odessa,TX and now is serving as an activist for the Hispanic community and all Texans across the state he is a constitutional conservative and is dedicated to keeping Texas red and educating Our Texas communities on conservative values. To keep up to date with Mr. Burrola’s social media links below






Alex Deanda

TEXIT Treasury.

Alex Deanda is a father of four delightful children & a husband of 16 wonderful years to his lovely wife Grace Deanda. Alex was born in a small West Texas town of Brownfield but was raised in bomb-city otherwise known as Amarillo,Texas coming from a reference to a nuclear facility located in the Texas Panhandle. He is an avid conservative today,but was raised as a traditional democrat. He is a defender of life and strongly supports the second amendment. A true Texas native that understands the “one hand washes the other” concept. We can all learn,but unless we apply the teaching then it’s like reading a recipe to a starving man. It’s futile. Alex is a Republican Party chairman in his precinct of 111 and was a delegate in 2016. He has served on the resolution committee in past years.His goals for the future consists of training up future civic servants to become candidates in the understanding of true servant leadership by way of an entirely new concept in running for office. This being,”Don’t tell them what you want to do, but rather let me SHOW you what I’ve been doing!” Alex Deanda and his family are grateful to champion in the love of Christ in all things and are excited for the new endeavors this grassroots movement is heading in. Keep Texas Red.





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TEXIT Is A Grassroots Effort To Help Texans Exit The Liberal Left & Embrace True Conservatism With Real Conservative Values.

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Texit Is A Grassroots Effort To Help Texans Exit The Liberal Left & Embrace True Conservatism With Real Conservative Values. TEXIT Focuses In Building An Outreach Across The Texas Board, To Help Keeping Texas Red! We Welcome All Conservative Texans So Stand With Us As We #TEXIT. Please Feel Free To Share Our Story.

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Well, We all have a little Texan Vigilance in us, TEXIT is “We The People” Without you anchoring us down there would be no TEXIT Movement. We Are The People. 


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Our Strategy

The mission is simple, We encourage any Conservative in helping this great State(Texas)in staying Red.

What we have our Eyes on.

The goal is simple. TEXIT is helping promote our local Texan Representatives to make a bold Statement and say no to the man. Together we are strong.

What Our Members Say

Here are just a few of our TEXIT members.

I strongly support Texit because it is a Conservative Movement, led by mighty warriors of God, to not only help the Hispanic/Latino community understand that they were mislead by the left, but to show that the Conservative party shares the same
Common Values as they do. I also appreciate that it’s not just for Latino’s, it’s for everyone and the Founder is a fighter for the “unborn” human rights and sanctity of life.
Audra Elliot
Audra Elliot
Little by little I’ve been losing my nievity… I see more and more that people do not work for each others well being. I’ve been losing hope for a global community full of socialist opportunity… I understand everyday the resentment towards idealists of that nature and I begin to Instagram why conservatism grows. I’m understanding why ideals and institutions work and
Why they are necessary…
More and more I think I’m beginning to lean to the right side of politics.

Jose Rodriguez
Moving to Texas from Colorado, and getting the opportunity to be apart of Texit is fulfilling. I gained many brothers and sisters, and not only in the flesh, but in Christ. I gave God the glory in our Lord Jesus Christ name, for being able to live in a free country, and insuring my brothers and sisters that will keep it Free.
Gustavo Medina Jr.
Gustavo Medina Jr.
Dominic Jenskin

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