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Members Statements

Members Statements

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Meet Our Endorsements

Fabian Cordova Vasquez

Now Is The Time…  Hello, my name is Fabian Cordova Vasquez. I am announcing my candidacy for the people of Texas’s 33rd Congressional District which includes portions of both Dallas and Tarrant Counties. I do not run for Congress merely to oppose an incumbent Democratic opponent , but to propose new policies. Policies that truly benefit and protect the people rather than to obtain political gain in Washington. I run because I am compelled by a higher calling to serve. Our Country is heading towards what seems to be an indefinite course of constant division. I run to support, reinforce and stand firm on Constitutional Rights and Conservative Values for all peoples.

Change is never easy. We cannot hope to accomplish monumental tasks without taking the first, and that first step. I sincerly love any and all community outreach projects I can dive into, and happily devote as much time as I can spare to them each and every day. I hope that my passion for helping others grow and succeed, and leaving my community better than it was when I came into it, continue to serve me well as I use My voice to standup for the needs and entitlements of everyone that resides here. I am so happy to formally announce that I, Amanda Sue Friedeck, will be a candidate on the ballot in 2020 for Jim Wells County, County Commissioner, Precinct 1. It is time for a change and I know that with your support we can make history here in Jim Wells County. It is a small thing, compared to what each and every one of those American troops did, but it is important to our times nonetheless. Thank you all in advance for your support, and please know that I will look forward to earning your trust and your vote in March. Loyally, Amanda Sue Friedeck Candidate for Jim Wells County Commissioner, Precinct 1.

Amanda Friedreck Prescient 1

Amanda Friedeck

Contact Us

(432) 276-0354

United States Postal Service, 4551 E 52nd St, Odessa, TX 79762


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